Feel More Like Yourself, One Sleep At A Time


Finally, a simple step-by-step sleep training workshop to help get the rest you and your baby both deserve.

Get instant access to the Sleep Soundly Workshop now.

Get Restful Sleep AND Build A Stronger Bond With Your Baby


Once your baby is around 5 months old, they're ready to sleep for more consecutive hours at night.


And guess what? When baby sleeps through the night, Mom can too!


With the Sleep Soundly🌙  Workshop we'll show you exactly how to help them make this transition. 

Our sleep training workshop is like having your own personal sleep consultant, minus the hefty price tag. 


Start sleeping through the night so you can be your most amazing (well-rested) self for your family.



The Sleep Soundly🌙  Workshop will help with the following:

  • Creating a positive association so sleep time will be something to look forward to for your child
  • Allowing your baby to fall asleep on their own without needing sleep props
  • Sleeping through the night, so you and your baby get a higher quality of sleep
  • Building healthy sleep habits for years to come

Say goodbye to the constant exhaustion, and hello to feeling more like yourself again!

How Would It feel To Be Well-Rested Again?

Here's what you can expect once you've completed this powerful, yet straightforward sleep training workshop.

More Structure & Consistency

A busy mom knows that having routines can be a lifesaver. Once your baby is sleep trained you'll benefit from greater predictability in your schedule. This means you can actually find time to shower!

Relief From Bedtime Tantrums 

From an early age, when children have a positive relationship with sleep, bedtime is something they grow to love. This helps reduce stress for both you and your child when it comes to sleep.

More Energy = Happier Mama

We are at our best when we get real sleep at night but you've probably been in sleep deficit for months now, if not more. You can look forward to a clearer mind, more patience, and energy to do everything moms do!

Hey Mama, I feel your pain!

👋🏼 I'm Kallista...and as a busy mom of 3 and a nurse, I remember those sleepless nights well. Eyes burning, head throbbing, barely able to focus because of the brain fog. It was awful.

I needed a solution that would be totally safe, help create consistency, and most of all let me get some sleep. 

And that's why I'm so eager to share this training with you. If you're like most of the moms I work with, you might feel like you're at the end of the rope and will never be able to shake that zombie state. 

Please hear me when I say it gets better. And sleep training has been a godsend for me and so many others. 

Don't Lose Another Night Of Sleep


I want 2021 to be an incredible year for you and your family. Having an infant is tough enough but having one during a worldwide pandemic takes motherhood to a whole new level. I wanted to make this training workshop as accessible to mothers as possible. 

And for just $49, I sincerely hope you'll take advantage of it! 


Get Instant Access to

The Sleep Soundly Workshop Today

On-Demand Video Training

Access the training when it's convenient for you! Get instructions in a way that makes sense, and watch the exact technique to help your baby create a positive sleep association. 

Online Support Forum 

You'll have access to a dedicated forum, the Sleep Soundly Workshop Community, for support as you move through the sleep training process. Join others who've been where you are and can cheer you on.

All The Tools & Resources

Our printable step-by-step checklist, sleep tracker chart, and progressive-waiting guide will let you know you're headed in the right direction, and help you recognize changes.

You've Made It This Far

Your little one is halfway to their first birthday already and you're doing a great job! I know that some days it feels like the exhaustion just won't quit but us mothers know better than anyone else how to navigate tough times. 

I created the New Mom Boss company to help other mothers and make the world's toughest job a little easier. And I know that in order to be the kind of mom we want to be, we need good rest.

Sleep = Sanity

Maybe you've looked into sleep training before but weren't sure how to get started. Or maybe you weren't sure what to do if you had questions.

We'll show you how to prepare ahead of time, what to expect during sleep training, and how to navigate any unique situations along the way. 

Did I mention it's just $49 today? 


Plus, A Guarantee That Helps You Sleep Even Better At Night!

Parents are super busy so we want to ensure you don't feel rushed to use this training. It's here for you when you need it! 

So take up to 3 months, and if you're not 100% happy with the results, we'll give you your money back. No questions. 

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