Where are all my mamas-to-be?

Oh hey there! Just want to ask...

Are you ready to:
  • Take control of your postpartum period?
  • Prepare your postpartum time so that you can be present with your baby?
  • Make sure your relationship is strengthened instead of strained during the sleepless nights?

Well if you answered, yes, yes, and heck yes . . .

then you MUST come to my

Prepping for Postpartum Workshop!

5-day virtual workshop 
Dates TBD in Fall 2022.


Inside the PFP Workshop, we are going to put together THE BEST Postpartum Plan for you. You've heard about birth plans, right? You should have one...but more importantly you should have a POSTPARTUM PLAN. Birth is a one-day event, whereas postpartum lasts MOOOONTHS. So... it is essential to have one! Which we will work on putting together at this workshop.


Hurry and get on the waitlist for the workshop.

Space is limited.


Come Workshop With ME

Hi, my name is Kallista and I help new moms in their journey into motherhood. From pregnancy to welcoming baby in arms and beyond, she offers education, support, as well as her own experience

When it comes to entering motherhood, it is essential to learn as much as you can and be as prepared as you can be mentally, physically, and emotionally — just as much as we prepare a nursery, our home, and lifestyle.

It can be overwhelming as a first-time mom to get ready for all this in 9 months. And Kallista provides solutions to help with this period.

Kallista is married, a mom of 3, a registered nurse, and a certified lactation counselor. After having the first two kids back to back—13 months apart, she quickly mastered being a new mom. With all the knowledge and skills she quickly gained, a passion to pass it on was developed.

Nahal Adler


Because I prepared for all the other moving parts in my life before my son was born, I was able to focus on him and my recovery.

Melissa Klein


I was able to bond with my baby and my husband in the postpartum period because I didn't have to worry about what to expect. I prepare for 90% of what happened and I am so grateful!

Gretchen Zalamea


I would have been scrambling all over the internet trying to figure out what to do next, what to prioritize, and I would not be as ready as I am now, if I didn't get learn what to get ready for!

Can’t wait till the next Prepping for Postpartum Workshop to plan your best transition into new motherhood?


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