#77: Let’s Talk About Postpartum Rage With Jessie Ereddia

September 16, 2021



Let’s talk about postpartum anger and rage as a new mom. 




The postpartum phase is often painted as a picture of perfect bliss where the mother is in wonder and awe at the miracle of...

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#74: Emotion and Body Code for Mamas with Kim Cuna

August 26, 2021



The motherhood journey is nothing if not emotional. As moms, we feel ALL the feels - the good, the bad, and the ugly. This all takes a major toll on our bodies!


But not only are the new emotions affecting...

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#73: [Mama Mindset Series] Return to Your Mama Mindset. Rinse and Repeat.

August 19, 2021

This is the FIFTH AND FINAL episode in The Mama Mindset Series!! 

If you haven’t caught the previous four episodes, here’s a quick rundown of what you’ve missed.

69. [Mama Mindset Series] How Your...

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#71: [Mama Mindset Series] Self-Care to Boost Motherhood with Jen Mergelas

August 5, 2021



Our third episode in the Mama Mindset Series is dedicated to self-care, one of my very favorite topics! If you haven't already listened to the previous episodes, please do so! I lay out the framework for why our Mama...

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