#67: How A Massaging Bra Can Help You With Adriana And Dionna From Lilu


 July 8, 2021

There’s something that doctors and nurses don’t prepare you for in the 4th trimester.




A lot of moms want to feed their newborns breast milk, but either can’t nurse or aren’t...

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#66: Attachment Parenting and Cosleeping with Amanda from Coffee and Cosleeping

 July 1, 2021


No doubt you’ve heard the term “Cosleeping” in your new mom education, but probably less about “attachment parenting”.


What do these terms mean and how are they related to one...

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#65: Making Meaningful Messes In Your Home With Carly Thornock of Intentional House

 June 24, 2021


Your family is not the only thing that grows when you bring your new baby into the world! Unfortunately, so do your messes!


I remember when we first brought my oldest home from the hospital - I was determined to...

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#64: When You Can Tell It’s the Real Thing - It’s Labor Time With Heather Knezic

 June 17, 2021


I have been looking forward to this episode for a while now because….drumroll please…..


My guest is a Labor and Delivery nurse!! The first one ever on The New Mom Boss Podcast!


Heather Knezic...

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