#99: Birth Plan vs. Postpartum Plan

March 3, 2022


Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


What makes second-time moms so much more chill and at ease when compared to first-time moms? 


The obvious answer is that they’ve already gone through it all! They’ve already experienced trials and errors in the transition with their first child. So by the time their second one comes along, they know more of what to expect and usually have a game plan for how to tackle what’s coming. 


What if first-time moms could have that same level of confidence and preparation that experienced mothers have? What if they didn’t have to go through the whole trial and error process to really nail down a system that fits their needs?


I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to approach motherhood for the first time without all of the negative anxiety and feelings of being ill-equipped. In this episode, I want to talk about how women can work towards this specifically by having a postpartum plan. 


You’ve heard of birth plans before, and I go over these too in the episode, but a postpartum plan is what’s really going to support you in the 3-6 months after delivering your baby when you’re at your most vulnerable.


 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Our culture is not set up to support new moms after birth.
  2. Delivery lasts a short time, but the postpartum phase will affect the next 3-6 months of your life!
  3. My upcoming Prepping For Postpartum Workshop helps you prepare the 5 most impactful pillars you NEED in your postpartum plan! 


This workshop is a 5-day virtual event, where together, you and I will create the BEST postpartum plan for you! You don’t have to feel lost, confused, anxious, or afraid of what lay beyond your baby’s birth. Let me help you make the most of what remains in your pregnancy to help you solidify those important final details. Space is limited, so don't wait!


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