#94: The Best Way to Search, Hire, and Onboard Nannies! with Sarah Nadimpalli

January 27, 2022



Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! I’m really looking forward to sharing this episode featuring my guest expert, Sarah Nadimpalli. Sarah is the founder of Same Team Childcare, where she helps nannies and parents come together to make sure they’re the right fit for one another. 


Hiring a nanny can be an overwhelming process for new parents. I’ve had friends who were forced to go a different route because they got so caught up in the information and process, they ran out of time. And I truly don’t want this for you!


In my conversation with Sarah, she shares all kinds of insider information for hiring your first nanny. She lays out the important first steps to take, tips for calculating your rate, and the best ways to keep the lines of communication open with your household employee. 

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Starting with your needs and wishes is the most important step when beginning the nanny search.
  2. If you’re not convinced, consider giving your nanny candidate a short paid trial!
  3. Don’t wait! There’s a learning curve to hiring. 


I can’t stress that last point enough - do not wait until the last minute to hire! If you’re interested in checking out Sarah’s course for first-timers, she has graciously given my listeners a discount code to use at checkout!


Use the code: NEWMOM20 for 20% off your purchase!


Her course is the perfect way to start thinking ahead a little and preparing for what’s to come. 


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Guest Bio

Sarah Nadimpalli is a nurse who holds a PhD in Nursing from New York University and is the founder of Same Team Childcare. She applied her research lens to address a problem she frequently encountered as a mom: finding and securing great in-home childcare. She is thrilled to show other moms her framework on how to do this!


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