#92: [Encore] How Breastfeeding Works - The Benefits and The Process

January 13, 2022



Welcome back to The New Mom Boss Podcast! This is the first episode of the new year, and I’m so excited for what’s to come in future episodes. But I did some reflecting on previous topics that new mamas have found to be the most valuable, and one of the most downloaded episodes covers the topic of breastfeeding.


So for this episode, I’m offering an encore to episode 8 of the podcast, all about the ins and outs of breastfeeding. In it, I go deeper into the parts of breastfeeding that may not be widely discussed, I explain the anatomy and science behind breastfeeding, the complete process, more of the benefits, and how skin-to-skin actually helps to promote it. 

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Skin-to-skin immediately after birth is beneficial to both you AND your baby.
  2. It’s the frequency that matters most when breastfeeding.
  3. A proper latch can make or break your breastfeeding journey.  

There’s so much information, you’ll definitely want to keep this episode in your back pocket! Also, I mention that some of this information is included in my free guide called “The 4 Steps to Getting a Good Latch”. This guide is FULL of everything you want to know to obtain the proper latch and begin a successful breastfeeding journey.


Hopefully, this episode got you thinking ahead a little and wanting to get more intentional about your baby preparations. However, if you know that you’ll need help along the way, consider signing up for a New Mom Assessment!

This is a 1-hour call where you and I work together to take a closer look at where you’re at with baby planning, assess your S5 Pillars, create an action plan for you moving forward, and even do a baby registry audit. I’d love to walk through this information with you and be a part of your support team!



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