#88: New Era Way To Prepare For Our Babies

December 9, 2021



Welcome back to The New Mom Boss Podcast! This is an espresso shot episode - short and packs a punch - on the ways that preparing for a baby has changed in the last 100 years.


Or rather, it HASN’T changed


Centuries ago, women lived in an ideal village community setting, where it was all hands on deck to bring a baby into the world and support the new family. 


But for the last  100 years in today’s Western cultures, all of the “preparation” has mainly been focused on accumulating all of the baby gadgets, assembling the nursery, and a very small amount on birthing education. Of course, these things are necessary, but something has got to give! 


It’s important now more than ever to prepare for your baby in what I like to call The New Era Way, where we take new moms-to-be from being more than just excited-but-unprepared and help them transition into the new bonded mama. We remove the emphasis on the “stuff” and rightly place it on other areas that are much more impactful on the new mom journey.


 Some big takeaways are:

  1. “Baby stuff” is good, but it won’t make you THRIVE as a new mom.
  2. Learn about and grow the S5 Pillars.
  3. Do you need a New Mom Assessment? Reach out to me for support!


I hope this episode helps you think a little deeper about preparing for your baby’s arrival. And as you’re processing this information and you start wondering if you need guidance, consider signing up for a New Mom Assessment!


This is a 1-hour call where you and I work together to take a closer look at where you’re at with baby planning, assess your S5 Pillars, create an action plan for you moving forward, and even do a baby registry audit. I’d love to walk through this information with you and be a part of your support team!



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