#87: Can Dads Get Postpartum Depression?

December 2, 2021



Welcome back to The New Mom Boss Podcast! In today’s episode, I want to shed some light on a very unseen and underdiagnosed postpartum condition that affects not just new moms, but new dads as well. This condition is a specific form of postpartum depression known as Paternal Postpartum Depression or PPPD. 


Why is PPPD so underdiagnosed and unheard of? I imagine this could be perhaps for a couple of reasons. For example, new dads are often forgotten about when the baby is born. All of the attention goes to the baby and secondly, to the mom. 


But another reason could be that (generally speaking) men have a more difficult time recognizing their emotions and discussing them with others. Both reasons make it easy for a new dad to silently suffer, leading to a wide range of side effects and symptoms.


Some big takeaways are:

  1. 25% of new dads suffer from Paternal Postpartum Depression (PPPD).
  2. PPPD has a wide range of symptoms and risk factors.
  3. Strengthen your relationship with your partner before the baby arrives, to ensure good communication and support. 


This topic is being newly researched and discussed which is fantastic, but there’s more work to be done. So now that I am more aware of it, and you are more aware of it, let’s keep doing our part to educate others and encourage deeper conversations with the new dads in our families and communities!


If you’d like help finding more resources, or learning how to strengthen your relationship with your partner before your little one makes their arrival, send me a message! I’d love to help you get the proper support for your family!


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