#86: The Spiritual Journey of Motherhood With Chiara Townley

November 18, 2021



Whether they realize it or not, every new mom is embarking on a spiritual journey in motherhood. What better way to take this journey than to learn as much about it as possible! 


In this episode, I’m joined by Chiara Townley, a spiritual coach for moms-to-be. After suffering a traumatic birth in 2020, she developed postpartum depression and anxiety. 


But through deep spiritual work, she was able to radically heal herself, transforming her personal challenges into her life’s mission. She now helps moms-to-be let go of their anxiety and align with their soul’s path so they can enjoy the powerful gift of motherhood.


In our conversation, Chiara shares more about her story and what led her to become a spiritual coach, we discuss the Chakra healing system and how it’s connected with our bodies, the importance of developing our intuition, spiritual contracts, and so much more!


Some big takeaways are:

  1. Our mental battles can manifest themselves physically and pass on to our children.
  2. When we clear our anxiety, we can develop our intuition more.
  3. We don’t have the children we want, we have the children we need.


I was amazed to learn about how intertwined motherhood and spirituality really are. Sadly, we’re often not aware of it and we’re not even taught this in our culture. But the more we learn, the more fulfilling the motherhood journey will be!


If you’d like to learn more about Chiara and the help she offers moms-to-be, check out her website below!


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Guest Bio

Chiara Townley was born in Italy, lived in the UK, and Spain, and now she lives in Portland, Oregon. In 2020, she had postpartum depression and anxiety and healed herself. She transformed her personal challenges into her mission. She helps moms-to-be let go of anxiety and align with their soul’s path so they can enjoy the powerful gift of motherhood.


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