#78: How to Prepare Your Relationship for the Postpartum Period

September 23, 2021



Becoming a new mom tests every fiber of our being, but it especially tests our relationships. Is your relationship in a solid place, ready to face the fourth trimester?


In this episode, I’m sharing a portion of an interview I had on the Messy Mom Podcast with Cari and Bailey of Fit Mama In 30. 


I share how becoming a first-time mom impacted my marriage and how there were definitely aspects of the postpartum life I was not prepared for. To make sure other moms don’t fall into the same trap, I go over 4 TIPS on how to prepare your relationship for when the baby comes and you’re both facing the postpartum period together. 

Some big takeaways are:

  1. Start having conversations with your partner NOW!
  2. Anticipate the changes that are coming, and take steps to build the necessary support.
  3. Give yourself plenty of grace! 

It’s always so fun talking with Cari & Bailey, and we got into some other conversations too about my experience with Postpartum Depression and my “messy mom moment” that left me so scatterbrained. 


I know you’ll get a lot out of this discussion, so take a listen and check out the links below!

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