#77: Let’s Talk About Postpartum Rage With Jessie Ereddia

September 16, 2021



Let’s talk about postpartum anger and rage as a new mom. 




The postpartum phase is often painted as a picture of perfect bliss where the mother is in wonder and awe at the miracle of her new baby. 


SPOILER ALERT - that’s not always real life. I know this from experience.


Of course, I loved my babies and each one was a miracle that I was in awe of, but that wasn’t always the primary emotion I was experiencing at every moment. I even had my own struggles with Postpartum Depression that I was battling with. 


But beyond depression, I believe we need to have more conversations around the fits of anger and rage that can come over women in the new mom phase of life. You know, the constant agitation and yelling at your kids and your partner. You might blame the hormones, but do you just have to accept it and move on?


To help talk about this, I brought Jessie Ereddia onto the show. She is a mom of three and a life coach for moms, specializing in anger and anxiety management. She often shares her own journey of navigating postpartum rage, learning to manage her anger and anxiety, and helps other moms to do the same by using her own unique process in the Mom Empowered Program. 


Some big takeaways are:

  1. Experiencing anger and rage is common for new moms.
  2. They are usually an outward expression of an inward fear or anxiety.
  3. Own your truth! Your fears are not as powerful as the transformation that’s waiting for you.


I loved having this conversation with Jessie because I think the reality is that talking about our anger and rage seems a bit taboo in the mom community. So many women choose to silently suffer from these tendencies because they’re afraid of how their ability to parent will be perceived by others. 


Don’t fall into this trap of succumbing to this negative behavior. There is hope and a way out. I’m so glad that Jessie shared this information, and now you can add this tool to your new mom kit for the future!


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Guest Bio


Jessie Ereddia is a mom of three and a life coach for moms. She specializes in anger and anxiety management. Since 2017, she has also been the host of the Mom Empowered Podcast, where she often shares her own journey of navigating postpartum rage, learning to manage her anger and anxiety, and her unique process for helping moms do the same.


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