#76: Supporting Single Moms-To-Be, Episode From The Single Greatest Choice Podcast

September 9, 2021



There is a lot of advice for new mamas floating around out there -  what to do, what not to do, how to do it...etc. And while it’s all very well-intended, it can easily overwhelm first-timers!


Remember that motherhood will always look different for each woman because let’s face it - we’re all different and our circumstances in life are not the same. 


With that said, I do believe there are three main parts of the journey that every woman can focus on, especially the single ladies when it’s time to prepare for their baby.


This episode is actually an interview I had with Katie B. on her show, The Single Greatest Choice Podcast. Katie uses her platform to focus on topics related to singleness, fertility, motherhood, and choice and is passionate about providing support to women who find themselves in those stages of life that aren’t necessarily going as planned. 


In our discussion, I share more about my own passion for supporting new moms and provide 3 big preparation tips for women who are wanting to become pregnant to make it a confident, supported, and stress-free experience. 



  1. Preparing beforehand will eliminate much of the stress you’ll experience postpartum.
  2. Asking for help is a form of strength.
  3. Whichever way you choose to have your baby, you CAN do this! 


After we had stopped recording, we kept talking and actually decided to hit record again when we hit the major topic of donor conception. I was able to share my personal story with egg donation and together, we explored the thoughts and emotions women can feel when intentionally pursuing this road to motherhood. 


No matter which way you get pregnant, we can all agree that an informed, well-prepared, and enjoyable pregnancy is the ultimate goal! If you’d like to hear more from Katie, check out her links below!


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