#66: Attachment Parenting and Cosleeping with Amanda from Coffee and Cosleeping

 July 1, 2021


No doubt you’ve heard the term “Cosleeping” in your new mom education, but probably less about “attachment parenting”.


What do these terms mean and how are they related to one another??


In this latest episode, I deep dive both questions with Amanda from Coffee and Cosleeping, a podcast dedicated to crushing societal norms. It was started by Amanda AND Alexis - both mamas, military wives and besties - but sadly due to mom-life, Alexis was unable to join our conversation. 


Next time, Alexis!!


In my talk with Amanda, she defines both cosleeping and attachment parenting, including its background and foundational principles, and shares with us her experience of the two.


We also have a great conversation about their frequently asked questions surrounding safety, and even how cosleeping affects intimacy between partners. Both of which (let’s be real) can be very controversial topics for some couples!


It’s important to note that attachment parenting does not equate to permissive parenting, and I think, sadly, a lot of us would associate the two. 


Amanda’s heart is to simply listen to her child and respond to her needs with tender love and sensitivity. I hope our talk helps you to adopt the same attitude!


So thank you to Amanda and Alexis, for your work in changing our mindset, and the way our generation is raising up the next!


Listen now and if you’re interested in learning more, check out their links below!


Don’t forget that I’ll be LIVE inside the New Mom Lounge, Friday at 8 AM PST.

Bring your questions and I’ll be there to answer them!


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Guest Bio

Amanda and Alexis are mamas, military wives and besties who bonded over their love of good coffee and attachment parenting. They are passionate about crushing societal norms on their weekly podcast Coffee and Cosleeping.


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