#157: Using Your Hormone Cycle for Self-Care and Parenting with Anna Locke

May 25, 2023




Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


Are you ready to unlock the secrets of harnessing your hormonal energy for a more fulfilling life? 


In this enlightening episode, I sit down with certified life coach Anna Locke to explore the incredible potential of leveraging your hormone cycle to optimize your energy and increase your self-awareness.


Anna, who has a background in environmental science, stumbled upon life coaching when she felt stuck in her career. Since then, she has been passionately helping women rediscover their identities, shed weight, and navigate the complexities of motherhood. 


In our conversation, she explains how to approach each phase of the hormonal through a seasonal framework, while providing thought-provoking challenges along the way. 


This not only helps women with a regular menstrual cycle, but it can also be greatly beneficial for women during pregnancy, and even in the fourth trimester postpartum. You won’t want to miss Anna’s best tips, so get ready to take some notes!

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Optimize your energy by taking a seasonal approach to your hormonal cycles. 
  2. This can improve your self-care, parenting, energy levels, and self-awareness.
  3. Even women who aren’t menstruating can track their cycles and reap the same benefits!

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Guest Bio

Anna is a certified life coach for mothers, creative entrepreneurs, and multi-passionate women who want to create a purpose-driven life. She helps her clients establish structure and routines that honor their cyclic feminine energy so they can thrive through the spiritual journey of motherhood and business.


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