#155: Herbal Medicine for Pregnancy and Postpartum with Lauren Alicia

May 11, 2023



Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 

Are you curious about the amazing benefits of herbal remedies for promoting wellness? 

Well, wonder no more!


In this episode, I chat with the incredible Lauren Alicia about all things herbal medicine for pregnancy and postpartum.


Lauren is a birth/postpartum doula & herbalist in the LA area, and she's here to share her wealth of knowledge on supporting mamas and women through herbs.

Lauren talks about her background and how she got into doula work and holistic medicine. She emphasizes the importance of education when it comes to herbs during pregnancy and postpartum, and lists some of the benefits of these remedies, such as addressing deficiencies, relaxing your cervix, and postpartum healing. 

Lauren also shares her tips on building a ritual with herbs to support your nervous system, listing some amazing resources to help beginners get started.  

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Pregnancy is a great time to build your confidence and knowledge of herbs.
  2. Our body works as a system and herbal remedies can support it all.
  3. Education is key - seek out the help of an herbalist!

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Guest Bio

Lauren is a birth/postpartum doula & herbalist in the LA area. She loves sharing her expertise on supporting mamas & women through herbs. She is also passionate about bridging Eastern and Western medicine and looks at her work through an indigenous lens. She also guides and encourages people to step into the power of being their own healer through herbs, education & intuition.


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