#149: How to Achieve Postpartum Wellness for Mom and Baby With Tessa Visser

March 23, 2023




Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


As someone who's been through the fuss of doctor's visits and healthcare providers, I know how overwhelming it can be. 


And when you’re a new mom, it’s even more difficult. 


That's why I'm excited to introduce you to Tessa Visser, a pediatrician and postpartum wellness coach, who's here to share her knowledge and experience with you.


In this episode, Tessa talks about her transition from pediatrics into coaching, and why she felt the need to extend her services to postpartum wellness for moms. 


She shares the most important things to know about taking care of your newborn, including feeding, sleep, and immediate postpartum concerns like umbilical cord care and c-section healing.


Tessa also discusses the importance of postpartum wellness for moms, which often goes overlooked in our culture. She explains how moms can tell if they're not achieving wellness and offers tips on how to ask for help and track their wellness progress.

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Knowing what’s normal helps us identify what might be a problem.
  2. Wellness comes from looking at the whole person.
  3. Coaching works to fill the gaps created by the healthcare system.

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Guest Bio

Tessa Visser’s love of children led her to a career as a Pediatrician, but it was during her office visits with newborns that she realized how much postpartum moms struggled with their new role of mother.  It was obvious that caring for the mother was an integral part of caring for the child, and it was then that she began coaching postpartum moms.

After her first child was born, she saw how real the anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity was in a way that you can only get by experiencing it for yourself.  It was during this period that she decided to reach out to mothers beyond those she met in her community. She wanted to reach the moms out there who may be struggling on the inside, even if it doesn’t show on the outside. 

In addition to being a Board-Certified Pediatrician, she is a Certified Wellness Coach, Life Purpose Coach, and the owner of Gracefully Empowering Mamas: Postpartum Wellness and Life-Purpose Coaching.  Having dealt with postpartum mothers for over 4 years now, she’s realized it’s about starting a conversation, and she’s looking forward to having one with you!


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