#126: Postpartum Depletion and Replenishing with Kim Perez

September 22, 2022



Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


We’ve discussed nutrition on the podcast before, but one aspect of the conversation we’ve not explored is the subject of depletion.


Vitamin and mineral depletion is a very crucial piece to understanding our body’s needs, and unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of bringing a baby into the world, is often overlooked. 


Helping us understand nutrient depletion is my guest, Kim Perez, a Functional Nutritionist who guides and supports women through the transition into motherhood and beyond. 


In this episode, she shares her personal journey that led to her passion for helping women in motherhood, we discuss the depletion problem most women face during pregnancy, the best foods to consume postpartum, and so much more!


 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Most women enter pregnancy already depleted of the proper nutrients.
  2. Each pregnancy takes about 10% of the body’s minerals.
  3. Respect that your body needs certain things and allow it to freely communicate. 


Improving your nutrition is a commitment best attained through intentional planning. Like most things in motherhood, if it’s not planned out, it probably won’t happen. This is why I encourage all moms to plan for their postpartum experience!


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Guest Bio

Kim Perez is a Functional Nutritionist who guides and supports women through the transition into motherhood and beyond. 

Her personal journey- especially the challenges she faced postpartum and the healing she embarked on once she became a mom- lit a fire in her to more deeply help other women through this often difficult and unsupported season.

Kim is passionate about uncovering and addressing the root causes of symptoms like fatigue, painful periods, and anxiety- not just ignoring or band-aiding them. She aims to help women befriend and trust their bodies while guiding them to nourish themselves more fully so they can function their best- especially in the face of the many demands of motherhood.

Through her 1:1 work, group programs, and online education, Kim carries out her mission of teaching and empowering moms so they can have the energy they need to show up fully in motherhood, feeling happy and at home in their bodies.


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