#121: Returning To Work In The Fourth Trimester With Dr. Megan Gray

August 18, 2022



Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


Many new mothers suffer from the stress that postpartum brings. But a huge stressor that tends to loom over their heads is phasing out of their maternity leave.


Just as soon as you find your rhythm, things change once again and you have to adjust to yet another routine. 


I’m excited that my guest, Dr. Megan Gray, was able to join me on this very important topic. Not only did she experience these postpartum struggles firsthand, but she also brings the valuable perspective of a practicing OB/GYN.


In our conversation, Dr. Gray shares about her postpartum experience, the gaps in her education/training regarding the fourth trimester, and her advice to new moms finishing out their maternity leave.

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Today’s doctors receive very little training on holistic postpartum care for women.
  2. Your needs, goals, and plans will change in the different seasons of motherhood.
  3. Growth happens in the hard seasons if you allow it.

While everything in life seems to be shifting, remember that when you stick to your core values, you can face it all with confidence and peace. 


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Guest Bio

Dr. Megan Gray is a board-certified practicing obstetrician/gynecologist physician, with over 15 years of clinical experience.  She is also a mom to two little ones, an author, educator, and wife. 

After experiencing the fourth trimester herself, Dr. Gray realized how under-supported women are during the weeks to months after delivery.  Inspired by her own experiences both personally and professionally, she wrote an Amazon best-seller the Forgotten Trimester:  Navigating the Self Care after Birth. She has become an active educator on social media including Instagram and YouTube.  She has been featured in publications such as PopSugar, HealthLine, VeryWell Family, and Shape.  Dr. Gray is dedicated to helping support and empower women as they transition to motherhood during the fourth trimester and beyond. 

In her free time, Dr. Gray enjoys exercising and spending time outside with her kiddos. Her newest project is creating self-directed online courses to educate and prepare people for the postpartum experience as well as to re-integrate their careers back into life after maternity leave.  She is also taking her impact outside of the delivery room and offering 1:1 postpartum coaching.


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