#120: It Takes a Village With Jessica Gupta

August 11, 2022



Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


Pregnancy and postpartum can sometimes feel very lonely and isolating like you’re walking this major journey alone with no one that can truly relate. 


This is exactly how my guest, Jessica Gupta, felt when she was becoming a mom for the first time…..and it’s exactly what led her to create Taavi.


Taavi is a holistic health and community platform helping moms to navigate their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. Jessica’s whole goal is to change the care and support these women receive in this country, all through the power of community and resources. 


I’ve spoken about Taavi before on the podcast (LISTEN TO THAT EPISODE HERE). But in this conversation, we discuss the platform’s recent updates, as well as talk about the importance of community and support for expecting mothers. 

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. Our culture leaves the woman behind the mom to figure it out for herself with minimal support.
  2. There’s power in sharing your motherhood journey with others.
  3. We know our bodies best and are our biggest advocates.


Thanks to technology, there’s no reason why every pregnant woman and new mother can’t be surrounded by community and helpful guidance.  


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Guest Bio

Jess is the CEO and founder of Taavi, a holistic health and community platform helping moms navigate their pregnancy and postpartum journeys.  She is on a mission to change the support pregnant and new moms receive in this country.  

She currently lives in SF with her partner and two girls.  Her days are filled with lots of coffee, multitasking, and the best family dance parties.


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