#110: The Changes In Family and Friend Relationships After Baby with Mary Sanker

May 26, 2022



Welcome back to the New Mom Boss Podcast! 


New moms soon discover in the postpartum period just how much their priorities shift.


It’s a season of transformation, and those never come without growing pains that can sometimes affect the dynamics of our relationships, even with close friends and family.


Why is that and how should women navigate those changes?


My guest in this latest episode is Mary Sanker, and she knows all about these common struggles of motherhood. 


She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and works to help women reconnect with their inner strength by listening to their bodies and working through mental blocks so that they can build an intentional motherhood. 


In our discussion, Mary shares more about the mind-body connection, and the crucial role that rest plays in our ability to function. We also talk about how motherhood changes our friendships and also highlights the relationships between mothers and daughters. 

 Some big takeaways are:

  1. If our bodies are not functioning properly, our brains will not function properly.
  2. Motherhood changes us, and this can affect the dynamics of our relationships.
  3. Women who do the internal work in motherhood set themselves up for success. 


Awareness is the first step toward preparing for this postpartum transition, and when we can improve the communication with those around us, it only helps to strengthen our village of support.


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Guest Bio

Mary Sanker is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in New Hampshire and is trained through Postpartum Support International and Innate Postpartum Care. She works to bring back understanding and honor to the rite of passage that we call motherhood.

Through psychoneuroimmunology, somatic practices, and mindfulness, Mary helps women reconnect with their inner strength by listening to their bodies and working through mental blocks so that they can build an intentional motherhood.


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