Kallista Andersen, New Mom Coach and Educator

Helping new moms feel like a boss at motherhood.

Kallista helps new moms in their journey into motherhood. From pregnancy to welcoming baby in arms and beyond, she offers education, support, as well as her own experience

When it comes to entering motherhood, it is essential to learn as much as you can and be as prepared as you can be mentally, physically, and emotionally — just as much as we prepare a nursery, our home, and lifestyle.

It can be overwhelming as a first-time mom to get ready for all this in 9 months. And Kallista provides solutions to help with this period.

Kallista is married and is a mom of 3. And after having the first two kids back to back—13 months apart, she quickly became a new mom expert. With all the new mom knowledge she quickly gain, a passion to pass it on was developed. She is a registered nurse and finished the lactation counselor training course through The Center for Breastfeeding.

Fun facts about Kallista: she homeschools her kids, loves Lagree Pilates and watching The Real Housewives of….every city.


Email: [email protected]


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